Market bag-Handmade bag-Crochet bag purse


Looking for a crochet bag pattern that’s a little different? Then you’ll love this so easy way to crochet VEGAS bag, whose design is different from everything you’ve seen so far!
This beginner bag pattern comes from a 🍀Very Simple Rectangle that is folded and sewn together to form the final shape.
Crochet this beautifully textured bag using an amazingly simple pattern that has the appearance of a bubble but is just easy, simple stitches!
This delightful bag is sure to complete any super cool look for the day!
Finished size: Wide x Hight (does not include strap)
8″ x 7″
11″ x 10″
14″ x 13″
17″ x 16″
20″ x 19″
23″ x 22″
All my patterns are available in ENGLISH and FRENCH languages, using the standard US and FRENCH terminology.
Tous mes patrons sont expliqués en FRANÇAIS et ANGLAIS.
I’m continually in the process of adding new patterns in my shop, so watch for those in the coming weeks!
As you look through this bag, take a moment to imagine it in colors that you love best and
as I said in my profile:
-Get inspired, give and get, embeds the objects you create with pride, confidence and love.
Everything is made with love has value and meaning.
I am hoping that I will, in a small way, contribute to your happiest day.


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