Valentine’s Day is all about demonstrating your affection, and what better way than with a crocheted gift? These quick-stitch patterns are perfect for your sweetheart or best friend, or you may stitch them yourself. Whichever recipe you choose, you can complete in a single weekend — start early and see how many you can do by Valentine’s Day.

14 Crochet Designs for Valentines Day

1. A Heart-Shaped Granny Square

If you enjoy crocheting granny squares, try adding a heart to them! You may use whatever yarn and hook that you possess. Once completed, give them a set of adorable coasters. Are you feeling particularly ambitious? Include them in a larger project, such as an afghan.

2. Crochet Hearts 

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With these crochet hearts, the sky is the limit. They can be made in any colour and size you like and then used to decorate your home or as a finishing touch on a gift. Additionally, this is the ideal activity for utilising leftover yarn scraps.

3. Shrug Chrysanthemum

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A crochet shrug is an excellent way to show off your Valentine’s Day flair. It has a romantic feel due to the floral design, and the recommended mohair/silk blend yarn is oh-so-luxurious. And while it comes together quickly, it will appear as though you spent hours perfecting the intricate pattern.

4. Clutch with Cabled Bobble

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Crochet a simple cable and bobble stitch clutch to fill with chocolates. Want to put your culinary skills to the test? You could also build those from scratch, creating a genuinely unique gift that any Valentine will enjoy.

5. Accessory for Single-Skein

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These six single-skein crochet patterns will fit everyone on your Valentine’s Day list. You and your squad can coordinate festive appearances with three cowls, two scarves, and a stylish collar; you and your squad can coordinate festive appearances.

6. Garland of Hearts

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While Christmas receives most of the credit for stunning garlands, you can continue the trend with a colourful variant made of reversible crochet hearts. Could we advise that you make one for a fabulous Galentine’s Day celebration?

7. Hat with a Heart and a Bobble

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This heart hat is adorable – truly adorable. This is the ideal introduction to crocheting colourwork as it is worked in the round and uses only easy stitches. You’ll be happy to wear it on February 14th – heck, the entire month!

8. Rose with a Short Stem

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Give your sweetheart an everlasting bouquet. Gauge is irrelevant with these 3D flowers as long as your tension is kept tight.

9. Headwarmer with a Granny Heart

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This headband is the ideal combination of classic and current styles. It is both adorable and functional. Additionally, it’s a stash-buster that takes less than an hour to prepare, so go ahead and make a big batch.

10. Puffy hearts

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You can use these in a number of ways – they can be hung as a garland, worn as a scarf, or made as cards and gift tags. The possibilities are unlimited, so sew a few and give yourself some options!

11. The Filet Heart Rollercoaster

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Create a lace-like look on this square coaster using a fillet crochet. Simply follow the fillet chart to create the heart-shaped design on top, and then finish it with basic double crochet.

12. Beanie with Hearts All-Around

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If you enjoy crocheting cables, this beanie is a must-have. The cabled pattern resembles interlocked hearts, so this is an apparent must-have Valentine’s Day accessory.

13. Bag in the Shape of a Heart

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Crochet these heart-shaped purses and customize them to your liking by adding buttons, tying off ribbons, or altering the straps. Plus, you’ll be prepared with a bag for your Valentine’s date!

14. Thrill Ride

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A single skein of yarn, easy stitches, and an hour of your time are all you need to create a traditional lacy heart. This coaster is an excellent way to add a festive flair to your house throughout the holiday season and is ideal for cozy romantic nights.

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