Crochet is sometimes overlooked in clothes, but we’re here to alter that. Don’t miss your chance to create these stunning garments, from cardigans to vests and even baby sweaters.

5 Crochet Designs for You

1. The Timeless Cardigan

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This crocheted cardigan is certain to become an essential piece in your wardrobe. Half double crochet produces the ideal fabric with just enough droop. And if you’re new to knitting sweaters, you’ll learn about gauging and swatching to ensure a proper fit.

2. Vest with Granny Squares

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This vest is clever in construction: it is simply one long fabric folded in half. Maintain a monochromatic appearance for a more modern approach, or go wild with color to give this vest a throwback vibe.

3. Tunisian Crochet Vest No. 3

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This fitting vest uses a blend of Tunisian knit and basic stitching to create an entirely different fabric. Adjust the design to your precise measurements, and you’ll have a custom-fit vest worthy of your closet.

4. Toddler Sweater

While this one may not fit you perfectly, it’s an excellent first sweater project because it’s small in scale and introduces you to various fundamental garment techniques: shaping, edging button sewing, and even surface ornamentation! If you’re new to the world of scarves and blankets, this is an excellent place to start.

5. Rebel Cardigan with Broomstick Lace

This gorgeous cardigan challenges all you thought you knew about broomstick lace. You’ll work this open, breezy stitch with a knitting needle and crochet hook to create something beautiful and distinctive.

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