The majority of knitters will tell you that having a decent project bag is critical – it allows you to keep all of the necessary needles, supplies, and, of course, the actual knitting so that everything is ready and waiting when you are ready to stitch. Additionally, if you have numerous WIPs (works in progress), storing each in its bag is critical for the organization. And, while you could purchase a project bag (and there are plenty of adorable ones available), we’re all makers here, so why not sew your own?

9 Best knitting Bags To Go With In 2022

1. Waxed Canvas for the Win


Apart from being quite fashionable (waxed canvas! leather! ), this robust purse is also useful for knitters. There is plenty of space to hold a sweater’s worth of yarn, as well as additional compartments for separating your scissors. Additionally, the waxed canvas makes this bag water-resistant and robust enough to prevent sharp knitting needles from piercing through.

2. Double the Fun

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If you’re new to sewing, this timeless tote bag is an excellent introduction. Additionally, it is reversible, which means you get two for the price of one! Oh, and it’s also really easy to create, which means you could easily make one for each project you’ve begun — and perhaps even some for those that are still just mounds of yarn.

3. Bucket Meets Bag

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Because this bucket bag’s solid bottom enables it to stand on its own, it’s ideal for carrying your yarn while you knit at home. (Alternatively, you may store your needles in the convenient exterior pocket until they’re needed.) This bag is not perfect for on-the-go knitting since it is a little too open, which means that items are more likely to fall out if you are rushing.

4. Pretty Patchwork

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Whether you’re in the mood for quilting or just have an abundance of lovely fabric scraps, this quilt-as-you-go tote is the ideal knitting project bag. The narrow design is great for tiny WIPs such as hats and socks, and the snap clasp helps keep everything inside securely.

5. Weekend Warrior

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When planning a vacation, there is no need to abandon your knitting! While this bag is large enough to store multiple smaller projects (and project bags), it is also ideal for stocking up on yarn — particularly if you will be away from your stockpile for an extended period. Are you planning to visit a local yarn store on your vacation? Bring this bag with you to store all your new finds.

6. Look, Ma, No Hands!

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Our favorite feature of this purse is the cross-body strap since, hello, it frees up your hands for stitching! If you enjoy knitting while out for a stroll or just standing, securely strapping your yarn to your body is the only way to proceed. Additionally, the waxed canvas provides additional protection from water and protruding knitting needles.

7. Never Leave Home Without Notions


It is officially a purse organizer, but let’s face it – a notions bag is essentially a purse organizer. Having a separate bag is critical if your current project bag does not have enough pockets for all your notions. Additionally, if you only have one set of notions, keeping them all in their bag simplifies bouncing between projects – all you have to do is grab and go!

8. Customize Your Crochet


If you prefer to work with a crochet hook rather than a sewing machine, this crochet bag is for you. It includes instructions for several customizations, is embroidered in a durable fabric, and will do an excellent job of keeping your work in progress. Simply be aware that knitting needles and crochet hooks may puncture through the cloth, so use caution while keeping such tiny objects!

9. Go Boho

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This boho purse is another alternative for crochet enthusiasts. It’s ideal for storing large projects or the skeins from your most recent buying trip. However, the light fabric may cause issues, so consider adding a fabric lining before using it to store your soon-to-be pieces of art.

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