At a time when some are already on vacation while others are patiently waiting their turn, I wanted to give you an idea that you don’t always think of when you want to give a gift: a kit designed solely for the person you want to spoil. I’ve given away several over the past few years and I particularly enjoy preparing them, taking care to wrap everything nicely.

Here are some tips that will allow you to prepare a personalized gift in a few minutes. The goal is of course to think of bringing together everything you need for a specific project. Here, you will see, I have prepared a special layette kit, but obviously the possibilities are endless.

To help you in your research, I have prepared a small selection of books in which you will find many inspirations.

Knitted cats , we love it! Adorable accessories to prepare for fall.  For beginner sewers, a book of kits and purses that I really like. Imagine the colors of a crochet kit with the book ”  100 miniatures  “! My sidekick Zess’ cute crochet children’s clothing book, Mini Crochet Dressing. To stay in the layette, you will find in this mag,in the middle of other superb projects, the tutorials to make slippers and a pixie hat from birth, two tutorials that I really liked imagining! Finally, here is Hélène’s book that I often use to sew pretty bags. Preparing a bag kit is also super fun, you’ll see!

For pretty papers, a recycling tip! I systematically keep the pretty sheets of paper offered in magazines, like Flow for example. As soon as I like a pattern somewhere, I cut out a few pellets that I keep in a box. This is used to wrap my gifts or this kind of kit for example.

Material to put inside the kit for a Knitting project

  • Wools.
  • Knitting needles.
  • Yarn needle, scissors.
  • Marker rings, stitch holder, seamstress tape measure, a small notebook…
  • Cotton and embroidery needle, a fabric, a crochet doily.
  • Materials to prepare the kit

Assorted papers, scissors, tape, glue, labels, pellets, string… and everything that comes to mind: markers, pretty pens….

Step 1. Lovingly choose a model.

Layette, accessory, treat yourself and try to imagine what would please the person to whom you will offer this kit. What does she need? What is his level? What if we offered her something that would take her out of her comfort zone? This is the moment I prefer, browse and choose!

Step 2. Prepare the balls.

Gently undo the paper that surrounds the balls to make a template then transfer it to the back of your pretty papers. Cut them out and surround your balls, closing at the back with a piece of tape. The goal is to give a harmony of colors to your balls,

Step 3. Pack small things nicely.

Gather the scissors, the stitch holder and the yarn needle, customize the envelope and the small box of marker rings. Also gather the embroidery threads, do not forget to leave a note on a label.

Step 4. A history of needles.

My needles all have a story, if the ones you are going to offer have one too, tell it and join it with them. If they don’t have one, why not write a little joke, a word of love, a kindness…

Step 5. Glue the doily to the kraft envelope with double-sided tape, and join the “flat” material inside.

Step 6. Lay everything flat on the book. I had to reorganize my wool to make it more harmonious, it’s up to you to find your way of arranging your accessories according to your needs. Another touch that I love, why not wrap your kit in a nice fabric? Do you now understand the usefulness of embroidery threads? And it’s good for the planet!

Your kit is ready. Slip an explanatory sweet note by tying it on your package. There you go, you made someone happy!!

See you in September for the start of the school year, and until then, Very very good holidays!

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