You remember: one month before Christmas, you saw the invade the shelves. You wondered if it would soon be the turn of Easter chocolates. Well, there it is! Your children will soon be (again!) on (spring) vacation! It’s a sign: it’s time to think about the egg hunt and take care of the DIY decoration that goes with it. Fan of knitting, are you hesitating between knitting an Easter chicken or knitting a bunny?


You’ve long since put away the Christmas and Valentine’s Day decorations…

Have you just finished your spring cleaning? Well done ! But concerning the decoration? It’s time to renew it to be in tune with the season and nature!

The Easter holidays are an opportunity, even a pretext, to switch to a more spring-like festive decoration.

Like every year, you had planned to release the famous box intelligently labeled “Easter decorations”… And if you embarked on a DIY Easter decoration?

3 good reasons to make your own creations to decorate your interior at Easter

  1. The joy of doing it yourself . Enjoy the pleasure of creating unique decorations with your own hands. Then, don’t hesitate to post photos on social networks to make your community jealous!
  2. Participation in fun activities to share with your children . This is a great opportunity to introduce them to Do It Yourself! They will be so proud to then exhibit their creative works to the eyes of all your guests…
  3. The creation of a festive atmosphere to make young and old smile . Painted eggs here, knitted Easter bells there… Decorate your Easter table and your entire interior!

When to put the Easter decorations?

This is the question of the day! And good news: there is no strict answer. We explain to you.

Easter is celebrated on the first full moon Sunday in spring. So this year it is Sunday, April 17, 2022. This is a Christian holiday that aims to commemorate the resurrection of Christ after the crucifixion. Traditionally, decorations such as the Easter tree must be installed during Holy Week, that is to say the one preceding Easter , therefore from Sunday April 10, 2022.

But it has also become a pagan festival: it celebrates the awakening of nature and the return of spring. So you can completely install your DIY Easter decoration throughout the month of April or even extend this period a few weeks before or after! Especially if you are not a believer and if this holiday is, for you, devoid of religious significance.

Did you know ? Another fundamental question: when to collect Easter eggs? Holiday Monday sows doubt and can mislead you. However, the tradition is clear: it is on Sunday that the traditional chocolate egg hunt should be launched. And that’s good, because your little gourmands would have had a hard time waiting another day!


1. Make a knitted bunny and baby rabbits

What would Easter be without the Easter Bunny? Obviously, it is essential to knit (at least) one!

With more or less long ears, embroidered eyes or sewn beads, balls of wool in soft or bright colors… You can personalize each of your hand-knitted rabbits  !

Don’t forget to add small details that will make all the difference! For example, embellish her body with flower embroidery. Knit different accessories to differentiate each project: a hat, a scarf…

A big bunny is good. But here is a more original idea: make cute little knitted rabbits. Easy and quick to knit, they will delight the most reluctant to celebrate Easter!

2. Knit Easter eggs…Fabergé style

It’s a must-have for Easter decor. And not just to eat them after harvesting them from the garden!

To knit an egg with circular needles , plan a polystyrene egg. You will have to insert it during your work so that your knitting takes the desired shape.

You can hang your lovely knitted eggs from the windows or from the traditional Easter tree. But do not hesitate to arrange several in baskets distributed at different locations in your interior. These little decorative touches will be the most beautiful effect!

Created by the famous jeweler Pierre-Karl Fabergé at the request of Tsar Alexander III for his wife, these egg-shaped jewels are covered with precious stones and gold. These luxurious masterpieces are a beautiful source of inspiration to transform your simple handmade works into precious creations worthy of a great empress!

Above all, it is very easy to do! Once the egg is knitted, embellish it with embroidered patterns (small or large diamonds) made with gold thread. And for an even more refined creation, insert a pearl at each thread crossing.

3. Special for knitting beginners: easy-to-make knitted mini-chickens

Knitting a woolen chicken is a great classic. And precisely, a little too much for your taste… Why not opt ​​for a more original variant?

We have the creative solution you need! Knit lots of mini chickens that you can place here and there, hang on door handles…

These projects are perfect for a knitting beginner . Indeed, it is enough to knit a small square, to fold it in triangle and to sew the sides by stuffing before closing. Then pass a thread from one of the points of the triangle through the bottom to the other point and tighten. For finishing touches, embroider the beak and sew on beads as a crest and eyes. And voila !

You easily and quickly get adorable little hens to decorate every corner.

4. Use your leftover yarn to make a bird

This is a manual activity to do with your children  !

Indeed, for this creative workshop, no need to know how to knit. In addition, it is an opportunity to teach the youngest about the recycling spirit.

To achieve this, several techniques are possible.

For example, gather wool scraps of 3 different colors. Wrap them around a ten centimeter piece of cardboard. Then, cut each color of wool on each side of the cardboard to obtain 3 “balls”. Take a few strands of each color.

To make the bird, place a ball on another in a cross. Fold the horizontal ball (1) over the vertical ball (2) and tighten with one of the strands.

Turn the assembly to have the folded ball (1) towards you. Fold ball 2 in the same way and tighten with a strand.

Turn ball 2 towards you and ball 1 upwards. Lay the last ball (3) horizontally over the assembly. Place a ball of paper in the center (bird’s belly).

Fold ball 1 down and tie a strand around balls 1 and 2. Fold ball 3 down on each side. Tie a strand around all the balls.

The bird base is complete! All that remains is to trim the tail, embroider the eyes and make the beak (cut from matching paper).

5. Create a seasonal dream catcher

An Easter dream catcher, what an original decoration idea!

In addition to being a poetic decoration , it will ward off all bad vibes to guarantee a particularly festive Easter atmosphere.

On the hoop, you can combine different special Easter and spring elements: natural feathers, wooden beads, dried flowers , knitted or macrame feathers…

You get a pretty spring DIY dream catcher to decorate your front door or any other room nicely and with a hint of poetry!

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