Anna Baby Set



Title: Intermediate Crochet Craft Pattern by Krisztina Matejcsok-Edomer

Discover the beauty of crochet with this captivating pattern crafted by the talented independent designer, Krisztina Matejcsok-Edomer. This downloadable PDF pattern showcases the designer’s unique creativity and offers an exquisite project for crocheters with intermediate skills. The pattern comes with clear instructions in English, guiding you through the creation of a stunning crochet masterpiece.


Brand: Krisztina Matejcsok-Edomer Designs
Craft: Crochet
Format: Downloadable PDF
Language: English
Pages: 7
Skill Level: Intermediate
Pattern Highlights:

The pattern features an exceptional design, reflecting Krisztina’s distinctive artistic touch.
This intermediate-level project will challenge and inspire crocheters looking to expand their skills and create something extraordinary.
Please note that this pattern is intended for personal use only. Reproduction, commercial use, distribution, or resale of the pattern, its content, or any finished items made from this pattern is strictly prohibited without prior consent from Krisztina Matejcsok-E


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