Materials you’ll need:

Worsted weight yarn (or any yarn of your choice)
Crochet hook appropriate for the yarn weight
Yarn needle for weaving in ends

Begin by making a slip knot on your crochet hook.
Chain 4 stitches.
Join the chain into a circle by slip stitching into the first chain stitch.
Crochet 12 double crochet stitches into the center of the circle. To do this, yarn over, insert your hook into the center of the circle, yarn over again, pull through, yarn over, and pull through two loops on the hook. Then yarn over and pull through the remaining two loops on the hook. Repeat this for a total of 12 double crochet stitches.
Slip stitch into the first double crochet stitch to join the round.
Chain 2 to begin the next round.
Crochet two double crochet stitches into each stitch around. This will increase the stitch count from 12 to 24.
Slip stitch into the first double crochet stitch to join the round.
Repeat steps 6-8 for several more rounds, increasing the stitch count by 12 in each round. You can continue increasing until the beanie reaches your desired size. Keep trying it on as you go to ensure a proper fit.
Once you’ve reached the desired size, you can continue crocheting rounds without increasing to create the length of the beanie. Crochet as many rounds as needed to achieve the desired length, typically between 6-8 rounds.
When you’re ready to finish, cut the yarn, leaving a long tail. Thread the tail through the yarn needle, and weave it through the stitches of the last round to close the top of the beanie.
Fasten off and weave in any remaining ends with the yarn needle.


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