• Caron yarn in the color and weight of your choice for the main body
  • Contrasting color of Caron yarn for the trim
  • Knitting needles suitable for your yarn weight (usually recommended on the yarn label)
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors


  1. Choose your desired size and obtain the corresponding knitting pattern for the Caron Knit Contrast Trim Top. The pattern will provide specific instructions for stitch counts, measurements, and shaping details.
  2. Start by casting on the required number of stitches for your size. You may want to use a larger needle size for the cast-on row to ensure it’s not too tight.
  3. Work the main body of the top:
    • Follow the pattern instructions for the stitch pattern and shaping details. This may involve working in stockinette stitch, ribbing, or other stitch patterns specified in the pattern.
    • Continue knitting in the specified stitch pattern until the main body reaches the desired length.
  4. Switch to the contrasting color yarn for the trim:
    • Follow the pattern instructions for the contrasting trim section. This may involve changing to a different stitch pattern or simply using the contrasting color for the ribbing or other edge details.
    • Work the contrasting trim as instructed in the pattern for the specified number of rows or stitches.
  5. Bind off all stitches, ensuring your bind-off edge isn’t too tight. You can use a larger needle size for the bind-off row if necessary.
  6. Weave in any loose ends using a yarn needle.
  7. Block your finished top by gently wetting it, shaping it to the desired dimensions, and allowing it to dry flat. This will help even out the stitches and give your top a polished look.
  8. Your Caron Knit Contrast Trim Top is now complete and ready to be worn!


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