Crochet Cardigan PATTERN // Homeward Bound // Cozy Oversized Textured Open Cardigan Crochet Pattern


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This cozy, oversized cardigan is perfect for chill, quiet nights at home, and makes for a fantastic “night in” project! The Homeward Bound Cardigan pairs beautifully with high waisted bottoms, and can be dressed both up or down- it truly is a wardrobe staple! This is a novice level crochet pattern. It uses a handful of simple stitches and techniques, combined with some basic increasing and decreasing, to produce a garment that is textured and visually interesting, without the hassle of complicated stitches or advanced shaping. It requires some understanding of working and increasing in the round.
This pattern is written tutorial style, meaning it can be scaled to fit any size required! Any weight 4 or 5 yarn will work wonderfully for this project, and using a hook that is 1 size larger than recommended on the yarn label for the body of the garment will ensure the tension is not too tight, creating a cardigan that has tons of drape!
The Homeward Bound Cardigan is constructed in two identical halves, a right and left side. The body of the cardigan is worked up in joined rounds as a hexagon. Once the hexagon reaches the desired size, it is folded in half and seamed across to create the shoulder seam. One side of the folded hexagon is extended to create the sleeve. A second, identical piece is created, and the two halves are seamed up the back. A ribbed edging is worked along the bottom hem and neckline.
Tapestry Needle
Sample made in the tutorial was made with 1240m Juniper Moon Farm Cumulus, and size 6mm + 5mm hooks, and fits a size small.
**IMPORTANT: Yardage, hook size, and gauge will all vary depending on the size and weight of materials used.
Double Crochet, Half Double Crochet, Single Crochet, Linen Stitch, Front Post Double Crochet, Back Post Double Crochet, Working in the round.
Homeward Bound is a NOVICE level pattern- it has a simple construction method with basic increasing and decreasing, and uses a textured stitch pattern. This pattern is perfect for crocheters who have some experience with simple shaping and using stitch patterns.


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