Fierce Little Dragon



To crochet a fierce little dragon, you’ll need the following materials:

  1. Yarn: Choose a color or combination of colors for your dragon’s body and details. Medium weight (worsted) yarn is commonly used for amigurumi projects.
  2. Crochet hook: Select a hook size appropriate for your chosen yarn. Check the yarn label for the recommended hook size or use a hook that gives you a tight stitch.
  3. Stuffing: Polyester fiberfill or any stuffing material of your choice.
  4. Safety eyes or buttons: These will be used for the dragon’s eyes. Make sure they are appropriate for amigurumi and securely attachable.
  5. Yarn needle: For sewing and weaving in ends.
  6. Scissors: To cut yarn.

Once you have all your materials ready, you can follow these general instructions to crochet a fierce little dragon:

  1. Head:
    • Begin with a magic ring (or chain 2 and work in the second chain from the hook).
    • Crochet 6 single crochet stitches (sc) into the magic ring (or second chain from hook).
    • Pull the ring tight to close.
    • Continue working in a spiral, crocheting 2 sc into each stitch from the previous round. This will increase the stitch count to 12.
    • Crochet 1 sc in the next stitch, then 2 sc in the next. Repeat this pattern around the circle. This will increase the stitch count to 18.
    • Repeat the pattern, increasing every 3rd stitch by 1 sc until you have the desired head size. The number of stitches in each increase round will depend on how large you want your dragon’s head to be.
    • Once the head is the desired size, crochet several rounds of even single crochet stitches without increasing to form the neck.
  2. Body:
    • To start the body, crochet rounds of even single crochet stitches, gradually increasing the stitch count to create a wider body shape. You can use the same pattern as the head or adjust it to your preference.
    • Once the body is the desired size, crochet rounds without increasing to maintain the body width.
    • Continue crocheting even rounds until you reach the desired length for the dragon’s body.
    • Legs and Tail:
      • Crochet four legs by creating tubes of single crochet stitches with the desired length. You can adjust the number of stitches based on your preference.
      • Attach the legs evenly spaced along the bottom edge of the body.
      • Create the dragon’s tail by crocheting a narrow tube. The length of the tail can vary depending on your design.
    • Wings:
      • Crochet two wing shapes of your desired size. You can make them pointed or rounded, depending on the look you want.
      • Attach the wings to the sides of the dragon’s body, slightly towards the top.
    • Ears, Eyes, and Details:
      • Crochet two small ear shapes and attach them to the sides of the dragon’s head.
      • Securely attach safety eyes or sew on buttons for the dragon’s eyes.
      • Add any additional details you like, such as horns, spikes, or a snout, using embroidery techniques or crocheting separate pieces and sewing them on.


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