Mini-Unicorn Keychain



Brand: Independent Designer
Craft: Crochet
Designer: Studio Milanina
Featured Product: Rico Creative Ricorumi DK
Format: Downloadable PDF
Language: English
Pages: 4
Skill Level: Intermediate
Yarn Weight: 4 Ply (Rewritten)

In this crochet pattern by independent designer Studio Milanina, the featured product is Rico Creative Ricorumi DK yarn. The pattern is available in a downloadable PDF format and is written in English. The pattern consists of 4 pages and is recommended for crocheters with an intermediate skill level.

The yarn weight specified for this pattern is 4 Ply. This yarn weight is commonly used in crochet and provides a fine, lightweight texture to the finished project. It offers versatility and allows for intricate stitch work and detailed designs.


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