Revisto Mand in Hoooked Zpagetti Solids



Yarn Weight: Super Chunky

Hoooked is the brand specializing in crochet and offers a featured pattern. The pattern is available as a downloadable PDF and can be found in multiple languages, including Dutch, English, and German. The pattern consists of one design and is categorized as a super chunky-level project.

To complete this crochet project, you will need a crochet hook with a size of 12.00mm. The recommended yarn for this pattern is Hoooked Zpagetti Solid, which is a super chunky yarn commonly used for various crochet projects. The finished size of the accessories created with this pattern typically ranges from 28cm/11in to 15cm/6in.

Please note that the shade of the yarn is not specified in the pattern, so you have the freedom to choose your preferred color or shade.

Please note that my response is a fictional description based on the information provided. If you have any specific questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask!

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