Simple Dress Cowl



Materials Needed:

Worsted weight yarn in your desired color
Knitting needles suitable for your yarn (usually around US size 7-9)
Yarn needle

CO (Cast On) and Setup:

Cast on 60 stitches (or any multiple of 4 stitches if you want to adjust the width).

Pattern Rows:

Row 1: Knit all stitches.

Row 2: Purl all stitches.

Repeat Rows 1 and 2:

Continue repeating Rows 1 and 2 until your work measures the desired length for your cowl dress. You can adjust the length according to your preference; for a standard cowl, a length of around 30-40 inches (76-102 cm) should work well.

BO (Bind Off):

When you’ve reached your desired length, bind off all stitches in knit on a Row 1 (knit row) so that the bind-off edge has a similar appearance to the cast-on edge.


Weave in any loose yarn ends using a yarn needle.

Fold the knitted piece in half lengthwise, aligning the cast-on edge with the bind-off edge.

Seam the edges together along the width using a whip stitch or mattress stitch to form a tube.!





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