Whether in bodybuilding or in Crossfit, it must be recognized that gloves are useful: in particular, they avoid hand injuries when you do exos at the bar! But which model to choose if you don’t want to feel hampered in your performance?

Full gloves, with wrist band or hand grip… To help you in your choice, here is my selection of the best weight training and Crossfit gloves  !


Mechanix gloves are made from TrekDry fabric that molds perfectly to the shape of the hand but at the same time keeps it cool and lets it breathe. During training, they therefore do not cause excessive perspiration and in addition, as the palm of the hand has no seams, comfort is assured and the grip of the bars remains optimal. To ensure that these gloves stay in place during exercises, they also have a Velcro closure system at the wrist, the positioning of which has been thought out so as not to hinder freedom of movement. Finally, they are easily machine washable and are available in a wide range of sizes, from XS to XXXL.

My opinion: Basically, Mechanix was a brand that mainly offered gloves for professionals (mechanics, military, etc.). The fact that they feel like a second skin, that they allow you to maintain a good feeling of touch, good dexterity and that they do not keep you warm, however, quickly won over athletes. I am also totally part of it: I find these gloves really perfect for bodybuilding. They are sufficiently thin and at the same time very resistant, they hold well and they also cut super well. Their price is more in the average, which makes them all the more interesting. I therefore recommend them without hesitation!


RDX offers weight lifting gloves here that stand out from the competition by incorporating wrist bands. They therefore offer double protection while ensuring that comfort is not neglected. The bands are for example very long in order to be able to roll them up correctly and lock the wrists, but padding in the fingers and palms provides a little more cushioning when lifting heavy loads. The fingers are also not completely covered in order to maintain secure contact with the bar. As for the manufacture, it is high quality cowhide leather that has been selected in order to offer these gloves perfect solidity and good resistance over time.

My opinion: These gloves from RDX are the ones I wear during my weightlifting training and I find them really excellent. What pushed me to try them is obviously the fact that they incorporate wrist support and this protection does its job very well! As I feel that my wrists are safe, I can concentrate better, and moreover, these are not the only advantages of these gloves. They are comfortable, rather light, very solid (both in terms of material and seams) and the padding is well placed. Leather obliges, they are a little rigid during the first training sessions but then they are really on top!

Picsil RX Carbon 3H

Picsil has opted here for a carbon fiber fabric: at the same time flexible, thin and light, it is however also tear-proof but much more breathable than leather! These hand protectors therefore allow you to train in a serene way and without losing grip, since the carbon grips the chalk perfectly and therefore helps to keep the bar in hand. Thanks to an original design, consisting of 3 holes to pass the fingers through, these gloves also guarantee perfect protection by covering both the phalanges and the entire width of the palm. They also know how to remain comfortable since the adjustment around the wrists is done in a simple way, via a Velcro strip.

My opinion: The Picsil are closer to the grips than to the traditional gloves, and it is for this reason that I recommend them to you rather for Crossfit than for bodybuilding. With their carbon fabric, they are both light and resistant but they are more suitable for gymnastic exercises such as pull-ups or muscle-ups than for weightlifting movements, especially when the loads to be lifted are heavy! However, they are absolutely not lacking in interest since they make it possible to avoid all the small wounds and calluses which slow down performance afterwards. Practical and easy to put on/take off, these are small accessories that don’t take up space but can be very useful during WODs!


This is possible in particular thanks to the exclusive design of these gloves which have a reinforced edge and a full silicone grip that allows the bar to be firmly locked in the hands. The other important elements have also not been neglected since a Velcro band guarantees a good hold in place, the wrist joint is freed up so as not to hinder movement and the fabric has perforations to let the hand breathe. And a little bonus: a touch zone on the thumb and index finger allows you to handle the smartphone without even having to remove your gloves!

My opinion: These gloves for bodybuilding and weightlifting, manufactured by Excellerator, really had no trouble seducing me because they really have many advantages. The main one, and the one for which I will recommend them to you, is obviously the grip. The silicone on the outer cover is a great idea and it works very well: it feels like you can hold the bar even better! But they are also solid gloves, really comfortable to wear, rather ingenious with their tactile fingers and offered at a price equivalent to the others. And when you know that they are created and manufactured in France, they even have an additional argument!


weightlifting or even Crossfit, they indeed prevent injuries, tears and blisters to always perform well. Moreover, the flexible fabric allows you to feel free in the grip, the grip is firm thanks to the non-slip rubber and these gloves only partially cover the fingers in order to maintain direct contact with the bar. Comfortable to wear and allowing the skin to breathe, the adjustment is finally made optimally thanks to Velcro.

My opinion: GymGears offers here gloves that we would qualify as good value for money. They are not the best that we have been able to test but they are on the other hand the least expensive for a completely correct efficiency. Once put on the hands, we found that it fit well (even if the support system would have benefited from being a little more solid), that they protected correctly (the padding inside is present) and especially since they offered a good grip, which is essential. I also found them rather well made and I had nothing to complain about in terms of quality. If you are looking for a pair of gloves that are not too expensive but do their job well, this model is the one I would recommend!

How to choose the right bodybuilding and Crossfit gloves?

If the gloves will allow you to avoid hand injuries, you should not choose any model. To be well protected without affecting your performance, here are the main criteria to take into account.

  • Thickness: The thickness of the gloves is a very important detail since it greatly affects dexterity. The thicker the gloves, the less easy it is to handle the bar. It is therefore always preferable to opt for fairly thin gloves!
  • Flexibility: To choose the right weight lifting gloves, you must also pay attention to their flexibility and flexibility. If they are too rigid, they can prevent you from gripping the bar well and will inevitably impact your performance.
  • The support system: Weight lifting gloves must not move throughout the duration of the training and it is for this reason that it is also necessary to ensure that they have a good support system. A Velcro strip usually keeps them in place.
  • Design: Finally, to choose the right gloves, it is necessary to take an interest in their design. It is particularly necessary to check the absence of seams at the level of the palm which could be embarrassing or the fact that the support band is not too low so that it does not hinder movement.

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