This article compiles all my crochet baby blankets that take between 3 and 6 hours to complete. They are soft and squishy, making them ideal baby presents. These simple crochet baby blankets can assist even novice crocheters in creating something lovely. Therefore, get right in and produce a stunning blanket in less than six hours!

10 Best Crochet Blankets for Babies

4 Hour Baby Blanket Pattern

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It is by far the most popular of my designs on Pinterest. The smooth texture and vibrant colors are irresistible. It’s difficult to locate good male crochet products, but this 4 Hour Blanket would make an excellent newborn boy present. You may alter the colors and build it for a female baby as well. What is holding you back?

Three skeins of Bernat Blanket yarn in complementary colors and four hours of your time are all you need to create this lovely crochet blanket for your newborn.

5 Hour Free Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern

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This crochet design for a baby blanket is another one of my readers’ favorites. It is a variation on the Moss stitch. The yarn enhances the texture, and you can finish this beauty in less than 5 hours.

Whether you’re creating this crochet baby blanket as a baby shower present or anticipating the birth of your new baby, it’s guaranteed to keep your young one warm and cozy.

 3 Hour Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern

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It is the 3 Hour Blanket, the quickest crochet baby blanket in my collection. This blanket has garnered a lot of attention and is also one of the most-viewed videos on my YouTube channel.

The crochet design is a basic two-row repetition that resembles stacked hearts. It is a straightforward design with no additional bells and whistles. 

You can make this blanket if you know how to perform a double crochet stitch. The completed blanket is 37 inches wide by 36 inches long but may easily be customized to any size.

Mock Granny Stitch Pattern for Crochet Baby Blanket

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This adorable crochet baby blanket can be completed in less than six hours. The granny stitch models the stitch. 

This Mock Granny Stitch Blanket was created with half double crochet stitches.

The stitches are densely packed with few gaps, allowing you to create an extremely warm baby blanket. You do not need to fasten off between color changes, making this a delight to work with. Consider the several color combinations that this blanket might look fantastic in.

Marshmallow Crochet Baby Afghan


Crochet this charming baby blanket in just under 5 hours using a basic technique and three great colors. If you like a baby blanket without holes, this design is ideal. Often, only basic stitches and the appropriate colors are required to produce a lovely crochet baby blanket.

I used only one skein of each color to create a 33-inch-wide by a 38-inch-long blanket. The size can be simply altered to ensure that it fits your infant well into their toddler years.

 Easy to Crochet Baby Blanket in 3.5 Hours

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Are you bored with the standard double crochet striped blankets? Consider this quick and easy textured baby blanket that takes about 3.5 hours to complete. It’s an easy-to-follow pattern that utilizes only basic crochet stitches.

The crochet baby blanket pattern is intended to create a cloth that is tightly woven and extremely warm. Isn’t that ideal for a winter baby? Because you are not required to fasten off at each color change, you will wind up with only a few tails to weave in at the end.

Mint Choco Chip Crochet Baby Blanket 

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This crochet baby blanket is made out of half double crochet and chain stitches. One utilizes the other hand, and the stitch design creates the appearance of a bean stitch without any effort. When you’re short on time, this is the ideal blanket to crochet in just four hours.

The final blanket is 36″ broad by 40″ long. This sample blanket is made with Bernat Blanket yarn in the colors Seafoam and Dark grey and Bernat Baby Blanket in White.

6 Hour Crochet Blanket for Baby

To create this crochet baby blanket, I mixed a herringbone half-double crochet with a faux bobble pattern. These faux bobbles are quite simple to work with and provide the necessary texture for your blanket. It’s a simple pattern that you can complete in less than six hours.

I crocheted this blanket using one skein of Bernat Blanket Yarn in Coral Blossom and Overcast, plus a quarter skein in the color Vanilla. The final blanket has a width of 32 inches and a length of 41 inches. The pattern’s chain multiples are specified so that it may be made in any size desired.

4.5 Hour Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern


It is an extremely simple and thoughtless pattern that you can do while watching your favorite television show. Although the stitch pattern is basic, it appears textured with this yarn.

I crocheted this baby blanket using Bernat Blanket yarn in the colors Merlot, Coral, and Vanilla. It took me only 4.5 hours to complete a 37-inch-wide by a 38-inch-long blanket. You are not required to fasten off while changing colors, which results in fewer ends to weave in at the end.

Waves Baby Blanket

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It is another quick-to-crochet blanket that can be completed in less than five hours. This beginner-friendly wave design is created using a simple combination of tall and short stitches. Create one for your infant or house.

This blanket was made with one skein of Bernat Blanket Yarn in Dark teal, Almond, and White. The completed blanket is 40 1/2 inches in length and 35 inches in width. The size may be readily modified to meet your requirements.

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