There are tens of thousands of crochet winter hat patterns available online. How do you go through them all to discover the greatest hats? Not to worry; we’ve taken care of it for you. These 11 crochet winter hat patterns are the most comfortable, cozy, and adorable adult hat designs accessible. Whether you’re expanding your collection of handcrafted winter accessories or creating hats for charity or giving, these crochet designs will provide you with alternatives that are both enjoyable to create and lovely to wear.

11 Designs for Winter Hats

Colorful One-Skein Crochet Hat Free Pattern

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The yarn is what distinguishes this crochet cap. Although the hat pattern is meant to work with Red Heart’s Boutique Unforgettable, it may easily be done with variegated worsted weight yarn and color pooling. It is a one-skein crochet hat pattern ideal for those on a budget or looking for a quick project.

Free Basic Crocheted Winter Hat

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Crocheted using only three basic stitches, this unisex hat is ideal for anybody looking to keep their head toasty this winter. It’s suitable for beginners and maybe done up with a variety of colorful yarn colors.

Versatile, Unisex Crochet Winter Hat Pattern

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The biggest feature of this crochet hat pattern is how adaptable it is. It is an entirely unisex design available in four adult sizes and crocheted with a thick yarn for added warmth. The instructions contain details on how to make a traditional crochet beanie or a crochet slouch hat.

The three colored stripes on the crochet hat characterize it. You may mix and match the colors to make this hat truly unique. Depending on the color scheme, this hat might be a holiday hat, team pride hat, or casual.

Chunky Woodland Hat Crochet Pattern

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It is another pattern for a hefty unisex crochet hat. Due to the pom-pom on top, this one has a more typical winter style. It’s really easy to make, taking only 12 rounds for the largest size, making it ideal for a last-minute gift. Despite this, this hat is far from dull. It uses a combination of front loop alone and rear loop only stitches to generate unique ribbing and texture that adds warmth while also improving the pattern.

Winter Blossom Beanie / Slouch Crochet Hat Pattern


The stitch pattern used to construct this crochet hat creates the illusion of a flowery design, which is unusual for winter headgear. It’s flawless, even more so when paired with the fake fur pom-pom on top and a spring color scheme. You can alter this pattern to fit more like a beanie or a slouchy hat.

Chunky Cabled Crochet Hat Pattern

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Cabled hats are ideal for the winter months because their plush texture keeps your ears and head warm. You’ll frequently see them done in knitting, but this hat pattern allows you to learn cabling in crochet. 

When you purchase the pattern, you will also receive access to a video lesson that will walk you through the crochet cables step-by-step if you are unfamiliar with them. A newbie to this technique might quickly pick up this design and learn how to construct fantastic crochet cables.

Basketweave Crochet Hat Free Pattern

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Another excellent crochet technique for winter hats is the basketweave stitch. It’s one of those stitches that’s enjoyable to create—simple and meditative in a manner, but not dull due to post stitches. If you’re inexperienced with the basketweave stitch, that’s OK; this free crochet design includes a video lesson to teach you how to do it. It is a thick yarn crochet cap with a slouchy fit. The free pattern is available in two languages: Italian and English.

Pumpernickel Puff Hat Crochet Pattern


Comfortable and adorable, this crochet winter hat incorporates puff stitches strategically throughout the design to provide texture. Additionally, this hat incorporates the fundamentals (single, half double, and double crochet) and several post stitches. 

The pattern contains both an abridged version for those who are experienced with crochet patterns and a more detailed photo-rich version for those who need a little extra assistance with this design. The hat is intended for adolescents and tiny adults.

Chunky Ribbed Slouch Hat Free Crochet Pattern

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This crochet winter hat has a few characteristics, with some of the other patterns displayed on this page. It’s a crocheted slouch hat constructed with thick yarn and finished with a pom-pom (optional). However, the stitches employed here generate vertical ribbing instead of the horizontal ribbing commonly found on crochet hats, which gives the pattern an extended, beautiful appearance.

Faux Fur Trapper Hat Free Crochet Pattern

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The trapper hat has a rustic appearance that conjures the impression of being outside in the winter. How many times have you seen a crocheted version of that kind of hat? There aren’t many, but this is an excellent illustration of how fantastic such a hat may look. This free crochet hat pattern’s faux fur inside keeps you toasty warm in the winter.

Winter Branches Hood Crochet Pattern

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Are you experiencing one of those days when you want to conceal a little bit of yourself from the public but yet give a glamorous image? This crochet hood (an alternative to a hat) is ideal for you. 

Additionally, it’s ideal if you’re looking for something to keep you warm on a windy winter day. This pattern is exquisitely detailed, with wires providing a wonderful texture over the top and a winter tree branch motif on the reverse. The design is created for adolescents / small adults and includes easy-to-follow directions for resizing as needed.

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