Harry Styles’ oatmeal nails have become a popular trend among fans. His choice of nail polish, often featuring soft pastel shades like periwinkle and lavender, has inspired many to try DIY oatmeal nails at home.

This minimalist, gender-neutral nail art idea combines cute and indie styles, perfect for spring or summer, reflecting Harry’s unique and inclusive approach to fashion.

Oatmeal Nails Harry Styles in Epic Twitter Post

Oatmeal, the popular cartoonist and illustrator, recently posted an epic tweet about Harry Styles that has gone viral. In the post, he says that Harry is “the type of person who can make even an old curmudgeon like me Stan.” This post has been retweeted over 11,000 times and liked by over 75,000 people. But what does it all mean? Let’s take a closer look.

Oatmeal Nails Harry Styles

1. The Meaning Behind the Tweet

First of all, let’s start with the word “Stan.” Stan is an internet slang term for an obsessive fan or admirer of a celebrity or musician. It’s derived from the Eminem song “Stan,” which tells the story of an obsessed fan who sends letters to Eminem but never gets a response. So when Oatmeal said Harry makes him “Stan,” he was saying that he was now a huge fan of Harry Styles.

But what is it about Harry Styles that made Oatmeal change his mind? Well, there are many things to love about Harry Styles—his music, his style, and his activism among them. Oatmeal appreciates these traits in Harry because he mentions them in his post.

He talks about how much he loves hearing new songs from Harry and how impressed he is with his fashion sense (especially those amazing Gucci suits!). He also praises Harry for speaking up on important issues such as women’s rights and climate change. It seems like this level of admiration came out of nowhere for Oatmeal—but it just goes to show how much one person can impact another!

2. Why This Post Was So Popular

Oatmeal Nails Harry Styles in Epic Twitter Post It’s no surprise that this post was so popular on social media; it resonated with so many people! Many fans were quick to point out how relatable it was—after all, we’ve all had moments where we become a total fangirl/fanboy over someone we didn’t think we’d be a fan of before! Others were simply happy to see two talented people respecting each other in public; it’s always nice to see celebrities lift each other instead of tearing each other down! Finally, some commenters appreciated Oatmeal mentioning specific aspects of Harry that they could also relate to; seeing our favorite stars speak out on important issues can be inspiring for us too!

Overall, this tweet from Oatmeal shows why he’s been so popular for years—he knows how to make us laugh while still being respectful towards others! His appreciation for Harry Styles was both unexpected and heartwarming; it serves as a reminder not to be quick to judge someone without getting to know them first. We should take this moment as inspiration to learn more about each other and appreciate one another despite our differences!

What are Oatmeal Nails?

Oatmeal nails, also known as “matte almond” nails, are a bold and trendy type of manicure that has become increasingly popular over the last few years. The style is characterized by its matte finish (similar to that of oatmeal or ground almonds) and the unique texture created when nail polish is applied without a top coat. Oatmeal nails truly offer something different than traditional glossy manicures – they provide an elegant look that stands out from typical shiny nails while also adding depth and dimension to your overall look.

Oatmeal Nails Harry Styles

The nail design can be achieved by first buffing the surface of your natural nails lightly, then applying two layers of a light-colored basecoat (such as white or cream). Once the basecoat is dry, use a matte topcoat to give it an even more pronounced effect before applying your favorite color polish. Finish off with another layer of matte topcoat for added protection and you’re done! It is important to note that this process should be done very carefully; if you apply too much pressure on the brush or shake it during application, your perfect oatmeal texture may not come out correctly.

Overall, oatmeal nails are great for those looking for something different in their manicure routine – they provide just enough personality so that you stand out but not too much attention where people will focus solely on your hands instead of everything else around them! Plus, their subtle yet striking appeal makes them perfect for any occasion from everyday errands up to more formal events like weddings or proms – no matter what kind of style you’re going for these cool little manis will surely make it work!

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