Harry Styles made a statement at the Met Gala with his daring nail art, showcasing bold designs that challenged traditional norms. His 2019 Met Gala nails, along with his 2022 choices, exemplify his embrace of gender-fluid fashion. Styles’ manicures, adorned with glitter polish and unique accents, reflect his androgynous style and commitment to breaking barriers in fashion. These celebrity nails inspire men to embrace creativity in their grooming routines.

A Closer Look at Harry Styles Met Gala Nails

If you tuned into the 2021 Met Gala, then you already know that there were some truly iconic looks. But one look that stood out in particular was Harry Styles’ manicure. He wore his nails long, polished with a glossy finish, and adorned with tiny pearls. Let’s take a closer look at why this nail look was such a hit!

Harry Styles Met Gala Nails

1. The Pearl Accents

A Closer Look at Harry Styles Met Gala Nails One of the most striking elements of Harry Styles’ Met Gala nails was the pearl accents. Each nail featured two small pearls placed near each cuticle. Not only did this add an interesting visual element to his manicure, but it also made for a great conversation starter on the red carpet! The pearls also perfectly matched the pearl-encrusted Gucci jacket he wore to the event. It was an unexpected yet stylish touch that elevated his look.

2. The Long Length

Another eye-catching element of Harry Styles’ nails was their length. Rather than keeping them short, he opted for long nails with rounded tips—not something you see every day on a man! This is likely because longer nails are easier to work with when it comes to decorations like pearls or art designs. Plus, they make for a more dramatic statement. By opting for longer nails instead of shorter ones, Harry certainly made an impression on the red carpet!

3. The Glossy Finish

Of course, one thing that made Harry Styles’ Met Gala nails stand out even more was their glossy finish. He kept them polished and shiny, which added to their luxurious appearance and drew even more attention to those beautiful pearl accents! Plus, glossier nails are generally easier to care for since they don’t require as much maintenance as matte finishes do. All in all, it’s no wonder why so many people were blown away by this glamorous manicure!

Harry Styles’ Met Gala manicure certainly didn’t go unnoticed! With its long length, glossy finish, and pearl accents, this look caught everyone’s attention—and rightly so! It goes without saying that if you’re looking for a bold nail look that will turn heads wherever you go, then taking inspiration from Harry’s style is the way to go! And if you need help achieving this glamorous style yourself? Don’t worry; just book an appointment with your local nail technician and get ready to show off your own set of standout nails!

Who did Harry Styles’ nails for the Met Gala?

For the 2019 Met Gala, Harry Styles had his nails done by London-based nail technician Marian Newman. Newman is celebrated within the beauty and fashion industries for her unique and creative designs. She has been responsible for many of the distinctive styles that have caught headlines over the years, including creating a complex texture design on model Cara Delavigne’s nails at Alexander McQueen’s Spring 2015 show in Paris – possibly one of the most memorable manicures ever seen on a runway.

Harry Styles Met Gala Nails

At this year’s Met Gala, Harry Styles wore long rose-gold foils with white trim and an added metal square accent. The artful main was created using professional products from Marian’s line ‘The Edge’ which is available online and through salons across Europe. Her work has also been featured on many other celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Adele, Rihanna, and Rita Ora to name just a few!  In addition to being talented in nail artistry, she is also known for her impressive range of glitter creations which can be used alongside foil-mesh sheets to create mesmerizing effects like no other artist can achieve!

What color were Harry Styles’ nails for the Met Gala?

At the 2019 Met Gala, Harry Styles opted to go all out and painted his nails with a vibrant blue hue. The exact color has not been confirmed but many believe it to be Essie’s “Butler Please” nail polish. After the event, many fans commented on how bold and daring this fashion choice was for Styles, as it challenged traditional gender roles — something that he has always been passionate about.

What made this look unique was that in addition to his bright blue manicure, Harry accessorized with various rings that matched his metallic lilac blazer – making for quite an eye-catching ensemble! Fans even got creative and started photoshopping more blue nails into different pictures of him – proving just how iconic this moment became as time passed.

Even after the gala had ended, people continued discussing Harry’s nail color choice on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. It truly became one of the biggest talking points of not only the Met Gala itself but also throughout pop culture in general – showcasing just how influential celebrities like Styles can be when they choose to express themselves through non-traditional fashion choices!

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