Harry Styles Nails Painted is Nailing It – Literally

Who doesn’t love a good celebrity fashion trend? We’ve seen them all, from Marilyn Monroe’s classic beauty to Rihanna’s daring aesthetic. Now it looks like Harry Styles is the latest trendsetter with his painted nails. Yes, you heard that right; Harry Styles has put his own spin on the classic manicure by adding some fun and colorful designs to his nails. Let’s take a look at why this bold move has people talking.

Why Is This Trend So Popular?

First of all, it’s important to note why this trend is so popular. To start off, it breaks gender norms and stigmas by showing that men can wear makeup too. This goes beyond just wearing nail polish; it shows that men are free to express themselves in whatever way they choose, whether through clothing or otherwise. Plus, it’s a great way to show your personality and add some extra flair to an outfit!

The Power of Representation

It’s also worth mentioning how powerful representation can be in today’s society—and Harry Styles is doing just that. As a male celebrity who is openly wearing nail polish, he is helping to push boundaries and redefine what society deems as “acceptable” for men. He’s not only providing us with some fashion inspiration but also showing us that there are no rules when it comes to self-expression—and we should all feel empowered to express ourselves however we please.

Nail Art Inspiration

Harry Styles Nails Painted is Nailing It – Literally Finally, let’s talk about the actual designs themselves! From bright yellow stars to intricate floral patterns, Harry has been spotted sporting some truly eye-catching looks on his nails lately. And if you’re looking for some inspiration for your own main/Pedi session, then you should definitely take a cue from him! After all, why settle for plain old polish when you could rock something as cool as one of Harry Styles’ designs?

Harry Styles’ painted nails have set off quite the buzz lately and for good reason! Not only does he look fabulous with his new main/Pedi looks but he’s also pushing boundaries and challenging gender norms in today’s society while doing so. So if you want an easy way to make a statement while still looking chic and stylish—look no further than the latest trend set by none other than Mr. Harry Styles himself! With its mix of funky designs and powerful representation, this trend really is nailing it (pun intended).

What is the story behind Harry Styles’ nails?

It all started when Harry Styles was performing at the 2017 Brit Awards. During his performance, he held up his hands, and fans noticed that his nails were a bright shade of pink. Many people took to Twitter to ask about the story behind Harry’s unique manicure and speculation began flying around.

The explanation eventually came from none other than Harry Styles himself! He opened up in an interview with GQ magazine where he talked about how getting nail art done is something that makes him feel good and more confident on stage:

“It was actually quite random- I just decided one day that if I’m going to be performing on this big stage, then I want to feel like I’ve taken time out for myself. For me it’s all about making sure I look my best so this was a really small way of doing it.”

Since then, Harry has also become known for wearing outrageous nail designs every once in a while – mostly metallic colors or even cartoon characters for fun! His style has now inspired many of his fans (and others) across the globe to express themselves through their nails too.

The story behind Harry Styles’ nails has become something of a global phenomenon. In 2018, after he stepped out wearing long fake nails for the MET Gala in New York, the internet went wild with speculation about why he had them. Some speculated that it was a fashion statement or an attempt to make him stand out from other celebrities on the red carpet.

In reality, there’s actually a lot more to it than that. The look was inspired by Harry’s close friend and makeup artist Lou Teasdale who proposed the idea as they were getting ready for the event. She later posted some pictures on Instagram explaining why she did it and how simple nail art can add an unexpected edge to any look:

“I’m so happy with how his main came up! He wanted something special, but not too over-the-top – so I suggested doing something different that you wouldn’t expect on guys – adding some small crystals! I love this look because even though it’s quite subtle (with just 7 dainty crystal stones), it adds an unexpected element of surprise.”

Since then, Harry Styles has been spotted numerous times rocking similar manicures in various colors and designs; from long rainbow press-on nails at award shows such as The Brit Awards 2020 to subtle gold plated talons during concerts around Europe – demonstrating his commitment to pushing boundaries within beauty standards and utilizing unconventional looks which have become signature trademarks of his own style evolution over the years.


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