Yes, Harry Styles has a Grammy, and he performed at the Grammys, showcasing his unique style. His Grammy nails caught everyone’s attention, reflecting his bold fashion choices. Styles’ manicure, featuring colorful nails for men, highlights breaking gender stereotypes in fashion. His influence on fashion is evident, inspiring many to embrace self-expression through nail art and gender-fluid fashion on the red carpet.

Harry Styles Nails at the Grammys Rocks 2021

The 2021 Grammy Awards were packed with star-studded performances and jaw-dropping fashion, but one artist stood out among the crowd—Harry Styles. From his electrifying performance of his hit single “Watermelon Sugar” to his captivating outfit, Harry Styles stole the show. Let’s take a closer look at why Harry’s performance was so memorable.

Harry Styles Nails at the Grammys Award

1. Fiery Performance of “Watermelon Sugar”

Harry Styles Nails at the Grammys Rocks 2021  Harry started the night with an intense performance of his song “Watermelon Sugar”. Fans were mesmerized by the brilliant choreography, which included both solo and group numbers that highlighted every member of his band. As he sang, he moved around the stage confidently, showing off his incredible vocal range and stage presence. By the end of the performance, viewers were enthralled by the energy and electricity in the room.

2. Dynamic Outfit & Accessories

In addition to delivering an impressive musical performance, Harry also made sure to make a statement with his attire. His vibrant yellow suit was complemented perfectly by a pair of silver boots, while several pieces of jewelry added a touch of sparkle to complete his look. His signature curls were swept back into a neat bun that contrasted nicely with the wildness of his outfit – truly an iconic look!

But it wasn’t just about aesthetics; Harry also wanted to make sure that everyone knew where he stood on current events. He accessorized with purple ribbons in support of equality for LGBTQ+ rights — a powerful statement at such a big event!

All in all, Harry Styles put on a stunning show at this year’s Grammys — from fiery performances to bold fashion statements. With this kind of star power and charisma, it’s no wonder why everyone is talking about him! Whether you’re already a fan or just getting introduced to him for the first time, there’s no denying that Harry Styles is here to stay!

What was Harry Styles’ nail polish color at the Grammys?

Harry Styles attended the 2021 Grammys wearing a grey suit and a custom Gucci shirt that featured multicolored crystals. To match his overall look, he decided to keep his nails relatively simple, with an understated wash of Essie’s ‘Licorice’ black nail polish.

This isn’t the first time Harry has gone for such a bold nail color; in fact, it isn’t even his most daring look when it comes to nail colors! During the 2019 Met Gala, he arrived wearing white gloves and sported nails painted in hot pink metallic Essie ‘Pretty Edgy’. Back in 2018 when performing on Saturday Night Live he also showed off some dark electric blue polish which was attributed to the brand Kure Bazaar.

It’s safe to say Harry knows how to make an impression with not just what he wears but also how he styles himself – right down to his nails!

At the 2021 Grammys, Harry Styles was spotted wearing a light pink nail polish. This hue is from his collaboration with beauty brand, ORLY. Specifically, he was sporting the color “Boom Boom” from their Shine On range. It’s described as an “ultra-light and airy ballet slipper pink” and no doubt it matched perfectly with his look for the night!

Who did Harry Styles’ nails for the Grammys?

Harry Styles’ nails at the Grammys were brilliantly done by Los Angeles-based nail artist, Fleury Rose. She is one of the most sought-after manicurists among celebrities in Hollywood and has gained a steady fan base since 2009.

Harry Styles Nails at the Grammys Award

Fleury has worked with many well-known stars, including Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, and Hailey Bieber. Not to mention Harry Styles himself! According to Fleury’s Instagram post about working with Harry for the 2021 Grammy Awards, she said that it was “such a pleasure” to work together on his look. The result was nothing less than stunning—Harry rocked deep navy nails against his alluringly gothic ensemble which included high black boots, distressed jeans, and a ruffled blouse with lace sleeves.

The combination of Harry’s style mixed with Fleury’s mastery skills gave him an edge over other red carpet participants at this prestigious event—and it certainly made her name known even more!

The 2020 Grammy Awards saw some of the world’s top celebrities like Harry Styles dressed to impress, and now we know who helped him achieve his polished look.

Harry had the pleasure of working with none other than celebrity manicurist, Marissa Carmichael from LA’s Nailing Hollywood salon! Marissa is a pro at creating edgy yet glamorous nail looks for her clients. She has worked with many A-list celebrities, including Kim Kardashian, Karlie Kloss, and Madonna.

For the Grammys, Marissa went for a dramatic twist for Harry Styles’ nails! The design included metallic gold foil on half of each nail—accentuating his signature colorful style—paired with black tips on the remaining part of each finger and thumb. To create an even more unique look reminiscent of stars in the night sky, tiny diamond gems were embedded on top of some golden parts. The result was nothing short of stunning!

Marissa also shared that she applied OPI’s ‘You Don’t Know Jacques!’ as a sturdy base coat before adding this intricate design to ensure it would last all night (and then some!).

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