Harry Styles Grammy nails are a perfect example of his bold fashion sense and unique self-expression. At the Grammy Awards, his nails featured striking colors and designs that stood out on the red carpet. Known for breaking gender stereotypes in fashion, Harry’s nail art choices reflect his confidence and personal style, influencing men’s grooming trends and celebrity nail art.

Harry Styles Grammy Nails and His Creative

Last Sunday, the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards were held in Los Angeles. As usual, the stars of the music world turned out in full force, with fashion-forward looks that made waves on social media. In particular, Harry Styles created quite a stir with his custom-made nails for the red carpet. Let’s take a closer look at this unique fashion statement!

Harry Styles Grammy Nails

1. Nail Art Inspiration

Harry Styles Grammy Nails and His Creative  The Grammy’s are always an event to see and be seen, and Harry Styles was ready to make a statement. He opted for long black stiletto nails adorned with a variety of designs in white paint. The designs included polka dots, hearts, stars, flowers and more. Each nail was different from the others and they all managed to coordinate perfectly into one cohesive look.

Styles has been known to push boundaries when it comes to fashion – he made headlines last year when he wore a dress on the cover of Vogue – so it is no surprise that he would opt for something unexpected like these nails for his Grammys appearance.

2. The Nail Artist Behind the Look

Harry did not do this alone – he enlisted the help of artist Maria Salandra who has worked with celebrities like Selena Gomez and Cardin B in the past. Maria is based in Los Angeles where she owns her own nail salon called Glamour Nails & Spa which specializes in custom-made art pieces like these ones for Harry Styles’ Grammys look.

On her Instagram page, Maria posted a series of videos showing off the process behind creating these intricate designs – from sketching them out on paper first to applying each individual design on each individual nail – as well as photos of her finished work on him at the awards show itself!  It just goes to show how much dedication and detail can go into one simple accessory like nail art.

While it may seem trivial compared to some other aspects of fashion, nail art can be an effective way to set yourself apart from everyone else – as Harry Styles clearly demonstrated at this year’s GRAMMY Awards! Not only did he make a bold statement but also gave support to local small businesses while doing it by enlisting Maria Salandra’s help in creating his custom look. So if you’re looking for inspiration for your next red-carpet appearance or simply want an eye-catching accessory for any occasion – consider giving your nails some love with creative art designs!

Who did Harry Styles’ Grammy nails?

Harry Styles’ Grammy 2021 nails were designed and painted by Los Angeles-based nail artist Jen Pedicini of Nail Swag.

Jen, who works with several A-list celebrities, has been creating intricate nail art for over 15 years using vegan polishes and cruelty free gels. For Harry’s Grammy look specifically, she used a combination of custom made decals and hand-painted designs in metallic golds and silvers.

Harry Styles Grammy Nails

The overall look is titled the “Vintage Hollywood Glamour” series of Manicures by Nail Swag. The design features a half moon shape on his index finger but also goes beyond that to include a completely glamorous set of galaxy stars, bejeweled details, crescents combined with unique patterns inspired by music notes. She even incorporated images like tattoos onto the sides of one thumb so they could be seen while he was playing his guitar onstage!

Customizable press on nails are becoming all the rage these days in fashion & beauty scenes as their versatility allows anyone to create long lasting looks without replicating the same style over again..and Harry Styles’ Grammy nail design is no exception! Kudos to Jen for her creativity in helping him stand out from other glam looks at this year’s awards show – it certainly paid off!

How much Harry Styles’ Grammy did nails cost?

When Harry Styles strutted down the 2021 Grammy red carpet, his iconic black and white marble nails immediately caught everyone’s attention. But how much did these stunning works of art cost?

According to The Zoe Report, the total cost of Harry Styles’ Grammy nails was an estimated $2,000 dollars. His nail artist Mei Kawajiri reportedly created the intricate stone motif through a meticulous process that involved shaping, filing and painting each individual nail using both brush techniques and airbrushing. This highly detailed style requires a high level of skill in order to achieve the desired effect — which is definitely reflected in the price tag!

In addition to being stylishly bold on their own merits, Harry’s manicure also paid homage to traditional pottery from Japan’s Seto region — an area known for its ceramics made with marble patterns. It was yet another way for him to show off his appreciation for different cultures around the world — something we can certainly appreciate!

Harry has always been known as someone who isn’t afraid to break boundaries when it comes to fashion statements — not just with unique garments but even when it comes down-to-the-detail beauty choices like his nail look at this year’s Grammys! For $2K you too could get some seriously glamorous real estate on your fingertips!

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