Harry Styles nailed the Grammys with his stunning performance and fashionable red carpet-appearance. Yes, Harry Styles has won Grammys, making headlines with his Grammy wins and stylish outfits.

At the Grammys 2024, he was among the best dressed, captivating fans, sparking social media reactions. His impact on fashion and memorable Grammys moments continue to impress.

Harry Styles Nails Grammys His Performance

Last night marked a monumental moment in music history as Harry Styles took the stage to perform his hit song “Watermelon Sugar” at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards. His performance was nothing short of perfection and his fans couldn’t have been more proud. Let’s examine why Harry Styles won the night with this incredible performance.

Harry Styles Nails Grammys

1. The Stage Presence

Harry Styles brought something special to the stage, something that can’t be taught or learned – stage presence. It was clear from the start that he had full control of the audience and commanded attention from everyone in attendance. From his confident strides across the stage to his infectious energy, Harry easily captivated us all. He moved around with purpose and sang with passion – it was truly a sight to behold.

2. The Wardrobe

Harry Styles Nails Grammys His Performance at 2021 Another aspect of his performance that caught our eye was, of course, his wardrobe choice. With a floral yellow Gucci suit and matching boots, Harry arrived on the scene looking like Spring personified. The bright colors certainly made an impact during his performance and added an extra layer of fun to it all. He took a risk by going for bold hues but it truly paid off!

3. The Choreography

The choreography during Harry’s performance sealed the deal and elevated everything he worked so hard on. His dance moves were elegant yet energetic – they flowed naturally and left us wanting more! We especially loved it when he twirled around like he was in a music video; it felt so effortless and gave us chills! Combined with costume changes throughout, it was clear that great care went into every detail leading up to this amazing show.

Harry Styles put on an unforgettable show at last night’s Grammy Awards ceremony, which will no doubt go down in history as one of the most memorable performances ever seen onstage. From his command of the crowd to his wardrobe choices and choreography, it was clear that every element had been meticulously planned out ahead of time for maximum effect, making this one show we won’t soon forget! Congratulations Mr. Styles – you nailed it!

How did Harry Styles get his nails done for the Grammys?

Harry Styles got his nails done for the 2021 Grammy Awards with the help of celebrated nail artist Mei Kawarimi. Known as one of the most sought-after and respected names in the industry, Mei has been doing manicures for Harry since 2019.

For his 2021 Grammy look, Harry went with an edgy chrome design. After filing down his nails to create a smooth surface, Mei began building on top of them by applying foundation gel coats followed by multiple layers of chrome pigment powders and holographic glitters. Once all of that was in place, she finished off the look with a glossy finish and some black gems to give it an extra pop.

The result was stunning! Not only did it match perfectly with Harry’s other Grammys looks (including those epic slides!), but viewers were also taken aback by this unique style choice –– making it truly stand out on an already iconic night.

Who did Harry Styles’ nails for the Grammys?

The amazing nail artist who gave Harry Styles his gorgeous, bold look at the 2020 Grammy was Kim Truong.

She is a celebrity manicurist from LA and has been working in the beauty industry for over 15 years. She has worked with multiple A-list celebrities like Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, Lorde, and more.

Harry Styles Nails Grammys

For his Grammys look she used several shades of red by CND Vinylic Nail Polish to create a classic but edgy nail art design with lots of dimension. Additionally, she added some Swarovski crystals for an extra glamorous touch! It was a unique and bold design that captured everyone’s attention during one of music’s biggest nights!

The answer to this question is very interesting, as it is not clear who specifically did Harry Styles’ nails for the 2021 Grammys. However, some clues point toward a likely candidate.

According to multiple sources, including Hollywood Life and Elle Magazine, celebrity nail artist Mezz Hanna has been credited with doing Harry’s nails. She has a strong portfolio of work on stars such as Liuzzo and Due Lapa and was also the go-to person for celebrities seeking out manicures for their MTV Video Music Awards look in 2020. To make sure his Grammy look was completely flawless, it makes sense that Harry would enlist the help of a professional like Mezz who specializes in intricate designs.

Regardless of whether or not Mezz did Harry Styles’ nails for the Grammys, one thing is certain – whoever did them must have had some very creative ideas up their sleeve! His bright blue claws featured intricate cutouts along the sides that created an abstract design with rocks around each fingernail; overall creating a visually powerful statement piece perfect for making many red-carpet appearances at high-profile events like this one. Even if it wasn’t Mezz behind these beautiful Manis, hopefully, she gets recognition and credit where credit is due!

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